Why Join

Why join Freemasonry in Surrey?

There are a great number of reasons to become a Freemason in Surrey!


The bond of friendship and Brotherhood is ever strong in Freemasonry and gives men from all walks of life the opportunity to meet new friends to create long lasting and mutual friendships.

Once you become a member of a lodge you can eventually visit other lodges not only in the UK but in many countries around the world that are recognized by the United Grand Lodge of England.


Charity is very much at the forefront of  Freemasonry.

St Peter's Lodge Charity Fundraising

Members of St Peter’s Lodge fund raising event for the Tommy D project in Surrey

Not many will know that charitable donations by Freemasons’ in the UK is only second to the National Lottery!

Charity is practiced in a number of ways by Freemasons’. At each meeting a Mason will give to charity (within his means) and all monies are donated locally and globally.

Masons also work with various charity organizations in their spare time both Masonic and non Masonic.

Social Life

Freemasonry has a very lively and full calendar – particularly in Surrey.

It’s very much a family affair!

Many lodges hold social functions such as Ladies Nights, summer BBQ’s, quiz nights and family functions.

The ladies enjoy getting together just as much as the men! It really is a great way to create new friendships.


The Province of Surrey Freemasons’ has a very active calendar of sports events throughout the year which includes golf, fishing, bowls, shooting, football and other sporting activities.

The Surrey Masonic Sports Association is open to all Freemasons and their family.