About St Peter’s Lodge

About St Peter’s Masonic Lodge, Chertsey, Surrey.

St Peter’s Freemasons Lodge Surrey is a vibrant lodge that welcomes new members.

St. Peter’s Lodge was consecrated at the Masonic Hall in Chertsey on the 28th September 1955 with the then Provincial Grand Master, R W Bro Lt, Col. H. L. Mann, OBE, M C, taking the chair.

He was on this special occasion accompanied by a team of 14 Officers from the Province, which included the Deputy Provincial Grand Master and four Assistant Provincial Grand Masters. 19 Founders are listed as being present.

The first Master of the St. Peter’s Lodge was W Bro Horace Mitchell, who made a substantial donation to the new Lodge.

Some 50 visitors are listed in the minutes, in addition to the Consecrating Officers, bringing the total Freemasons present to 85 brethren including the Tyler.

The Consecration meeting commenced at 3.15 pm and finished some three hours later.

Three initiates were proposed at this meeting.

Originally, a number of Abbey Lodge 2120 members decided to form St. Peter’s Lodge.

The condition of membership at this time was that it should consist exclusively of directors, partners or sole proprietors. This was certainly true of all the founder members.

This practice was maintained for a number of years and it was not until around 1970 that there was any real relaxation. It was 10 years later before the “rule” became redundant.

St Peter's Lodge Masonic Lodge Members

St Peter’s Lodge Freemasons

The Lodge now has members of all ages and from all walks of life.

St. Peter’s Lodge has always met at the Masonic Hall in Chertsey, on Wednesday afternoons, originally to coincide with early closing. How times have changed!!

St Peter’s Freemasons Lodge, Surrey. Meeting dates.

The Lodge now holds four regular meetings:

  • The fourth Wednesday in September (Installation)
  • The second Wednesday in November
  • The fourth Wednesday in January
  • The first Wednesday in April

Most meetings commence at 4.30pm

St Peters Masonic Lodge, Chertsey also runs a vibrant class of instruction which is held on most Thursdays commencing at 8pm in the Masonic centre.

St Peter’s Lodge also host a number of functions throughout the year which are open to members and non members alike.

If you are interested in joining St Peter’s Freemasons Lodge, Chertsey, Surrey then please get in touch and we can let you know more how to become a Freemason.