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Welcome to St Peter’s Masonic Lodge, Chertsey, Surrey.

St Peter’s Lodge in Surrey meets at Masonic Hall, Chertsey, Surrey.

All are welcome to our Masonic website whether you already enjoy Freemasonry or thinking about becoming a Freemason in Surrey.

We welcome enquiries from men from all walks of life from Surrey areas such as Chertsey, Staines, Leatherhead, Esher, Weybridge, Woking and Twickenham.

St Peter's Lodge Chertsey Surrey - Members

Some members of St Peter’s Lodge with the Provincial Grand Master of Surrey

St Peter’s Masonic Lodge meets 4 times per year to enjoy companionship.

Our Freemasons meeting in Chertsey take place on:

The 1st Wednesday of April
The 4th Wednesday of January
The 1st Wednesday of September (Installation meeting of new Master)
The 2nd Wednesday of November

Are you interested in joining the Freemasons in Surrey?

Do you enjoy social events, sports, charity or the history of Freemasonry?

Becoming a Freemason means different things to Masons but we all share in the common bond of Brotherhood however Freemasonry is very much a family affair!

We enjoy getting together for social events, making many friends and having fun.

There is however, an important side to Freemasonry. Becoming a Freemason in Surrey is about good men becoming better men.

Its members are taught its precepts (moral lessons and self-knowledge) by a series of ritual dramas – a progression of allegorical two-part plays which are learnt by heart and performed within the Lodge which follow ancient forms using stonemasons customs and tools as allegorical guides.

Find out more about becoming a Freemason in Surrey.

If you find our site of interest and would like more information about joining the Freemasons please get in touch to arrange a visit to our lodge. If you have any questions about the Freemasons we also have a questions section that may help you.